Saturday, February 16, 2008

We just spent a lovely sunny week in California visiting relatives, and my dear sister took us to a charming little oldtown shopping area where we went crazy in a couple of antique stores. I found all these delicious old books--so much fun! I was hoping the titles would show up better in the picture, but I guess I'll have to list them. There are only a couple of replacements (Rose In Bloom and White Fang); the rest are just wonderful little finds.

Vinzi, Johanna Spyri: Heidi is the best, of course, but all her books are charming; couldn't pass it up.
Shelley's Poetical Works: Because it was pretty?
The Bobbsey Twins Keeping House, Laura Lee Hope: A walk down Memory Lane--I think this is one of the few I never read as a child. Incredibly dorky, but fun.
Roads of Destiny, O. Henry: There was a whole beautiful set that I WANTED, but the stack was too big already.
The Son of Porthos,The Vicomte de Bragelonne, Louise de la Valliere, Alexandre Dumas: For Odious--he was very pleased.
A Good Place To Hide, Louis Slobodkin: A cute little story.
Elsie's Holidays, Martha Finley: NOT to keep--urgh. But a young friend enjoys these books, and I thought she'd like a nice old edition for her upcoming birthday.
Millbank, Mary J. Holmes: I hope someone else out there will know why I bought this one! Neither my sister nor Odious guessed it--the book Laura "reads" to Ma to avoid going to school in On The Banks of Plum Creek. Had to have it!
Scenes of Clerical Life and Silas Marner, George Eliot: I got Scenes for Christmas, but I never pass up a lovely old hardback just because I already own a shiny new paperback.
The Winning of Barbara Worth, Harold Bell Wright: No reason, really, other than it looked like a fun read and is set on a Colorado ranch.
Camilla, Elizabeth Robins: Ditto, except for the ranch.
My Book House, vols 7 (The Magic Garden) & 8 (Through Fairy Halls), Olive Beaupre Miller, ed.: Beautiful Victorian illustrations and lots of delightful stories. There were more volumes, but these were the best.

I could have bought them all...