Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Somebody asked me recently if I still had time to read while raising a toddler and running a farm. My answer was, Yes, and I also find time for breathing.

I've been reading a lot of farming/real food/back-to-the-land books lately; it's inspiring to get other perspectives on the lifestyle I've chosen, and fun to compare our progress with that of other folks. Right now I'm enjoying Rural Renaissance, which is somewhat unusual in this category because of the authors' unflagging enthusiasm. While I appreciate the reality of disillusionment and mistakes, it's much more motivational to read about success! John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist have had their share of mistakes and mishaps, but they write cheerfully and zealously of their experiences with green living.

Elizabeth Goudge is also still appearing regularly on my nightstand, although I've gone through nearly all the library's holdings. Guess it's time for a Powell's wish list! I've finished off Robertson Davies, too, except for a one or two odd titles--I still like the Cornish trilogy best, although the Salterton trilogy is a close second.

I'm also reading lots and lots of Frances, Max and Ruby, Alfie, and Madeline--Sam is as insatiable as his parents. I'm pleased, of course, but a little tired of reading aloud--never my favorite pastime. Well, at this rate it won't be long before he can read to himself, and any siblings that come along.