Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Just as I was vowing to stop spending so much money (both mine and Odious's), Charles de Lint's latest book came out. So of course I had to buy it in hardcover--but it was definitely worth the price. Spirits in the Wires is set in Newford, but features some lesser known residents of the city. In fact, my biggest complaint about the book was that my favorite character Jilly never appeared. Still it was nice to get to know Christy and Geordie Riddell better, as well as their friends of unusual origin. The novel builds off a great story from Moonlight and Vines about Christy's girlfriend Saskia, who emerged one day from the wilds of the Internet--specifically the website "The Wordwood". The site was created by another Newfordian, Holly Rue, and some of her friends, but when it suddenly seemed to grow a mind of its own they lost contact and control of it. De Lint explores just how that happens in this new book, and it is a terrific read--definitely one of his best.

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