Monday, November 15, 2004

Well, what a fun surprise! I was just looking at my cooking blog, and discovered that several people have left comments. The best part is that I don't know them, so that means people other than my family read the blog...or maybe that's the scary part. No, I'm happy to share my infinite wisdom with all and sundry--I just wonder how on earth all the connections get made. The blog world is nearly as small as my old network of homeschool magazine editors, where eventually everyone knows each other. Weird.

Anyway, I finally have a job, as a hostess at the new Melting Pot restaurant opening in Portland, which means that I may actually start getting things done. A lack of schedule often sadly means a lack of productivity, unless, of course, one counts as productivity watching TV and reading for hours on end, in which case I've been busy as a bee. We've discovered all the nearby libraries, so Odious and I have stacks of lovely new-to-us books in the bedroom and have been reading them avidly. I love how every library has just a few more of the books I'm always looking for, keeping me happy yet not entirely satisfied. For instance, I was pleased to find one of the Borderlands books at the Beaverton library (although unfortunately I'd already read the story by Charles de Lint), and thrilled to find Nina Kiriki Hoffman's short story collection Time Travelers, Ghosts, and Other Visitors at the Portland library. Both were excellent, but only made me eager for more...

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